A house is an investment 3 times better than an apartment

27 October 2016

Recent news from the Real Estate Fair: after spending a few days at the apartments fair, we decided to promote our next campaign: “Replace flat 9 next door with a new house!”. House prices are now on the market for the same price as apartments.Taking into account the big area of a house, its value is currently 1.5 times better than that of a flat. If you add the backyard garden, the parking spaces, the nearby parks and access to acres of land, the conclusion is obvious: a home is an investment 3 times better than an apartment.


Yet, the question remains: why does the average family choose to invest in an apartment on the 9th floor with earthquake risks, noise and pollution? Exposing their children to an unsafe and crowded neighbourhood and to street language? Moreover, children cannot play in the park unless they are accompanied by the babysitter, dogs are not allowed in the flat, the child is not allowed to play with the child living on the 5th floor etc.


Distance is important, obviously, but a house with garden and spacious backyard can only be found outside the city, where the environment is more natural and safe. A frequent question that we get from our customers is “How many km are there to downtown?”. A more appropriate question considering the real needs of a family would be: “How many minutes does it take to get to work?”. The commuting time from Corbeanca to the centre of Bucharest is 30-40 mins.


Flamingo Park aims to meet the families who want to test what it is like to live in Corbeanca, which is why we initiated the “Try & Buy” concept: rent a week or a month in our community, and if you choose to buy a home in the neighbourhood the whole rental experience will be free.


Looking ahead, considering the new infrastructure in Otopeni, the centre of Bucharest will be much closer than it seems. But by then it will probably be too late to afford a real house with garden and yard in “gated” communities. Soon, houses under € 100k will not be available anywhere near a European capital and overseas clients, businessmen or tourists will become real competitors of city residents.


Finally we bring forward the same rhetorical question: why choose to live in neighbourhoods with a population density three times higher than in capitals like Vienna? Perhaps the answer is simple, namely: that’s how we learned in the previous years. However, Flamingo Park’s motto is: “Let’s live active, healthy in nature and close to the services of a European capital!”